When To Hire An Accident Attorney In New York City

In the United States on any given day there are approximately 27,000 traffic accidents, according to a National Safety Council estimate. In 2014 alone, there were almost 300,000 car accidents in the state of New York. In February 2016 there were 16,851 crashes in New York City alone. The question posed by these statistics is not really what to do IF you have an accident, but what to do WHEN you have one.

If you were the driver at fault, it is imperative that you have legal representation from an experienced attorney to be sure your responsibilities to the other parties involved are all attended to promptly. If legal charges are filed against you, you will need legal representation in court as well. There are many accident attorneys available but not all are experienced and some are downright disreputable so how to find the best car accident attorney in New York City? Be sure you take the time to engage the services of an experienced attorney with an excellent reputation, like the attorneys of caraccidentlawyer-ny.com. Then you will know you’ve hired the right Bronx car accident lawyer.

New York City and State Accident Statistics

When you get behind the wheel of an automobile, you not only take your own life in your hands but the lives of others as well. Drivers must keep their attention on the task of driving at all times in order not to cause a car accident. Sometimes your responsible driving may not be enough. There are other drivers out there who may not be driving as carefully and attentively as you. Even if you also drive defensively, accidents can happen through no fault of yours. If you need a good Long Island motorcycle accident lawyer, look no further.


Consider the New York state traffic accident statistics from 2014 (the most recent available). In 2014 there were 299,452 car crashes in the state and they involved 527,320 vehicles. The accidents produced 118,465 personal injuries and 966 fatalities. Of the fatalities, 571 of them were drivers of one of the vehicles involved.

In 21016 February’s crash statistics for New York City alone, there were 16,851 accidents involving autos, motorcycles, and pedestrians in some combination. Almost three thousand resulted in injuries and there were 18 fatalities in just that one month. Almost 34,000 people were involved in those accidents, either as the driver, a passenger, a cyclist or a pedestrian. Accidents are a fact of life and if you have been involved in one, the best way to protect all your legal and financial rights is to hire a reputable accident attorney .

Leading Causes of Auto Accidents in New York City

Interestingly enough, if you research the major causes of accidents nationwide and compare them to the leading causes of New York City accidents, they are quite similar. To reduce your chances of being involved in a car crash, learn what these common driving mistakes are so you can avoid the same ones. The lists are consolidated into one here and are in order by which cause accidents more often.


1. distracted driving — primarily texting /cellular phone use (NYC is seeing a huge surge in Pokemon Go car accidents)
2. following too closely
3. failure to yield right of way
4. backing up unsafely
5. passing or lane usage improper
6. unsafe lane changes
7. unsafe speed
8. turning improperly
9. reaction to another (non-involved) vehicle
10. passing too closely
11. driving under the influence of alcohol
12. traffic control disregard

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Whatever the cause of a traffic accident in which you are involved, and whether you were driving or were otherwise involved, there are certain things you need to do right away. The first two are very important. You should remain at the scene of the crash and call the police. Call a Bronx truck accident lawyer for medical assistance as well if any is needed.

Your Responsibilities after an Auto Accident in New York City

After the accident, stay at the scene and call the police. If a vehicle involved in the accident leaves the scene, get the license plate number. Check with all the other people involved to see if they are alright or in need of medical aid. If you are in need of medical help, let someone know. Exchange insurance and identification information with the other driver(s). If anyone witnessed the accident, get their contact information. Take pictures of any damage to all vehicles or injuries to people, including yourself, with your cell phone camera. After the police have come and any medical needs are attended to, contact your insurance agent or company.


The accident itself is just the beginning of a time-consuming process to restore normal life after a crash. If you are injured you will need time to recover. If you were driving but were not at fault, you still have to have your insurance company deal with the other driver’s insurance company in order to have your car repaired or replaced with the financial problems that brings. Even a simple accident is stressful. The best way to be sure that you receive all the compensation for which you are entitled by law is to engage the services of a reputable auto accident attorney or Bronx pedestrian accident lawyer, who know all applicable laws and ordinances

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